For most of us, we will experience once or several times in our lives where we have to move and transfer to another house. These times can be accurately described as one of the most stressful times in our lives, emotionally and physically. Emotionally because we are leaving our old place, which we hold dear because it is our home, and physically because we have to transfer our things and prepare our new home. 

I won’t be much of help on the emotional side of moving because it is an internal issue and you are the only person who can help yourself. On the physical side of moving on the other hand, however, is where I can help you. If you can follow these steps, you can make the moving process a whole lot easier. Here are the smart tips to make moving a whole lot easier.  


  1. Plan Ahead

Moving is a huge load of work, and often people get overwhelmed because they try to deal with this task on the last minute. To make the moving process enjoyable and easier, you have to plan ahead of the moving time, about two or three months before the determined date. Make a checklist and begin to pack or ready your things in order room by room so when the time comes, you only need to do minor things. 

  1. Moving Method

Perhaps the biggest decision you have to make in moving is whether you have to do it yourself or should you hire a company to do the workload. It is only advisable to do it yourself when your new location is nearby, where you can ask for help and equipment from your friends. But if your new location is far off, your load of things is too huge, or if you don’t want to hassle your friends, then hiring movers is the right decision. 

  1. Discarding

There are a lot of things in our house that we don’t use anymore because either they are broken, or they are simply outdated and useless. These things are what clutters our house, but the surprising thing is that we don’t bother to throw them away because we don’t have the time or energy. 

But when we move to a new location, we now have the opportunity to assess our things and decide whether they can still be used or not. Discarding things during moving makes the process a whole lot easier because we don’t have to deal with things that are useless anymore. 

  1. Make an Inventory

Another thing you can do to make the moving process a whole lot easier is to make an inventory of your things. If you have household members help you on moving, arm them with markers and packing materials like tape, cardboard boxes, and newspaper. Instruct them to label each box and list what is inside of it. Then put the boxes and their contents in your inventory, so that it easier to track them and identify them. Not only will this help make things easier, but it also helps you avoid losing your things along the way.